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Visitor Moorings

There are a number of options for visitors coming to visit the River Yealm. Anchoring is only allowed in Cellar Bay. Once you are East of Misery Point you may only use a buoy or Pontoon to moor onto. We have two Pontoons and six public moorings. Resident moorings can be used if there is no tender on it or a note indicating an imminent return of the owner.

Owners of vessels larger than 45’, displace more than 25 tonnes or have a draft of greater than 2.2m should contact the Harbour Office prior to arrival. Visitors may use these facilities during the day in the low season without charge but please contact the harbour office before leaving your boat. Lunchtime stop over (1130-1530) during high season will be charged 50% of the overnight rate. Overnight charging starts from 1530.

The tidal flow at the main visitors pontoon does not run parallel to it with the flow, at both Flood and Ebb, pushing boats onto the channel side of the pontoon. this can make the approach to the pontoon difficult to judge, especially at peak spring tide. This is where most collisions in the harbour occur.

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