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Visitor Moorings – Public

There are six public moorings for use by visitors.

Public Mooring (PM) 1; is available for craft over 45’ and up to 60’ LOD with a maximum displacement of 25 Tonnes. As this is the only mooring available for craft of this size it is advisable for Skippers of vessels wishing to visit the river to contact the Harbour Office prior to arrival to ascertain availability.

PM2-4; are for vessels up to 40’ LOD. They are located on the starboard side when travelling upstream and are on the south side of the channel opposite the Spit buoy. Each mooring has information on it as to what size of vessels are permitted on it. Each can take up to three boats so long as the combined displacement does not exceed 25 tonnes.

PM5 & 6; are for visitors staying in the village who wish to bring a boat with them for their use whilst on holiday. Each can take up to three boats with a maximum length of 20’. If you wish to make use of this facility, please contact the Harbour Office to ascertain availability of a space on the mooring.

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