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Residents’ Mooring Fees and Harbour Dues

2023 Annual Charges

All charges include VAT at standard rate

Mooring Licence Fees

‘A’ Deep water £207.60

‘B’ Shoal and part drying £150.00

‘C’ Mud mooring between Spit and Kiln Quay £110.40

‘D’ Newton and Noss Creek above Kiln Quay £72.00

‘Outhaul’ £58.80

Harbour Dues

All craft up to 11ft LOA (including yacht tenders, £29.40

and miscellaneous small craft).

All craft over 11ft up to a max LOA of 45ft First 11ft £29.40

+ Each ft over 11 @ £7.32

Over 45ft at Harbour Master’s discretion

Craft kept on beaches (Canoes, Kayaks, Paddleboards) £29.40

Winter Season Berthing (Non resident craft)

On public moorings, trots, pontoons, beached or alongside £4.50/m per week LOA

Maintenance/ Scrubbing Berths

Laying alongside or beached for maintenance purposes within the £0.40p/ft per day

Harbour Authority areas on beaches or quays.

Free for 2 days provided Pre-booked

Bridgend drying berths per month (at HM discretion) £132

Bridgend Quay

Storage on Quay (Boats, Trailers, Cradles, etc.)

Summer season dinghy Boat Park May to Sep £79 (up to 15ft)

Winter season – laying ashore on Quay Oct to Apr (max 27’) £0.74 per ft per week (for 24 weeks)

Bridgend Quay Winter afloat £0.40 /ft/wk x 24 weeks


Towage by RYHA craft of any vessel within the harbour £42.00 for first hour or part, at HM discretion. 

Towage beyond 1st hour £18.00 per additional half hour

Waste Disposal

Removal and disposal of derelict craft, equipment and mooring tackle At cost plus 10%

Resident Craft

Use of public moorings, pontoons is at standard visitor rate

Licence Discs

Replacement discs £10.00per disc

Foreshore contractors

Standard charge of £264 for use of foreshore up to six weeks. Short term use max. 10 days £13.20 per day.

Use of Bridgend Quay for loading unloading £33.

Resident day launching of any craft using the river. From 1st April to 30th September 

(cannot be kept on foreshore, must be taken away each day)

Kayaks, Canoes and Paddleboards (KCP)                                              £20.00 per season

Family day launch (four for the price of three)                              £60.00 per season

Other craft, up to 3m   £20.00 per week

each meter over 3m  +£15.000 per week

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