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Charges 2024

Please note that for 2024 our charges for Visitor Fees will be applicable from Thursday 28th March.

Dear Mooring Holder,

We can now confirm the results of the election held on Tuesday evening 6th February 2024.

56 mooring holders cast a total of 161 valid votes.  No ballot papers were spoilt or removed from the count.  Several voters decided not to use all of their available votes.  

The opening of the ballot box and the count was observed by a respected village individual, who is not a mooring holder and not a member of the RYHA.

The votes for each nominee are given below in strict alphabetical order:


Chris George                                         25

Robert Jeffery                                        11

Ian Kennedy                                           43

Steve Maltby                                          31

Arthur Peters                                         8

Roz Roxburgh                                        3

Nicky Tewson                                        40


Therefore, Ian Kennedy, Stephen Maltby and Nicky Tewson are duly elected as your mooring holder representatives on the Authority effective from 1 March 2024.  Our congratulations to them and our thanks to all the nominees who were willing to stand and represent you all.  


Rodney Carter

Returning Officer and Vice Chairman