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River Yealm Harbour Authority

Election of Mooring Holders’ Representatives

An election is due to be held to elect three mooring holders’ representatives to the Authority for the ensuing three years commencing 1st March 2021. The representatives due to retire are eligible for re-election. Each holder of a current mooring licence may nominate up to three persons. Nominations, stating both the proposer’s and the candidate’s names, and confirming that the nominee(s) is/are willing to stand, should be with the Harbour Office, Newton Ferrers no later than 11th February 2021. A nomination form can be found in the RYHA General Information section. An election will then be held on Wednesday 24th February in the WI Hall Newton Ferrers from 18.00 to 20.00 and the names of those elected announced.

A letter from an Operations Director of South West Water

For the attention of The Harbour Master

30th November 2020

Dear Sir / Madam
As Wastewater Director at South West Water, one of my main priorities is to reduce the impact of our operation on the environment. We are keen to continue to work closely with our customers and the communities we serve in raising the awareness of the environment and the need to work together in protecting it. This goes hand in hand with us investing in our assets and systems to provide early warning of potential environmental impacts.

For example, we have been investing significantly in remote sensing and automatic notification of events arising from our wastewater network which have the potential to impact the local environment, so that we can respond as quickly as possible to prevent or reduce any environmental impact. We also encourage our customers and stakeholders to raise any concerns about potential events through our dedicated pollutions hotline and this provides us further opportunity to respond quickly to investigate our operation to ensure that we continue to minimise any potential impacts.

In your role as Harbour Master, you and the harbour users you serve will naturally be interested in the local marine environment and are in a great position to raise concerns with us about any potential or suspected deterioration in water quality. I would encourage you and the local mariner community to do exactly this, irrespective of the potential cause. This can be achieved by contacting our dedicated pollutions hotline on 0800 7811403. We self-report pollution incidents, so directly contacting us will ensure that the Environment Agency is notified and, crucially, that there is no delay in our response.

We are committed to protecting our precious and unique local environment and would welcome your help in doing so. This will help to ensure that we and the communities we serve, continue to enjoy the beautiful area in which we live.

If you have any further queries or suggestions, please let me know.
Yours sincerely
Iain Vosper
Operations Director – Wastewater Services and Networks
D: 01392 443967





Notice is hereby given that South West Water, Sidmouth, has applied to the Marine Management Organisation under the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009, Part 4, for a marine licence to undertake the re-furbishment of two public drainage manholes, and the re-construction of two others, and the replacement of two manhole covers in Newton Ferrers /Noss Mayo Creek.

Copies of the application and associated information may be viewed on line in the Public Register at www.gov.uk/check-marine-licence-register.

Representations in respect of the application should ordinarily be made by:
– Visiting the MMO public register at https://marinelicensing.marinemanagement.org.uk/mmofox5/fox/live/MMO_PUBLIC_REGISTER/search?area=3 and accessing the `Public Representation? section of case reference MLA/2020/00363;

However, we will also accept representations via the following formats:
– By email to marine.consents@marinemanagement.org.uk; or alternatively
– By letter addressed to Marine Management Organisation, Lancaster House, Hampshire Court, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 7YH

In all cases, correspondence must:
– Be received within 28 days of the date of the first notice (1);
– Quote the case reference; and
– include an address to which correspondence relating to the representation or objection may be sent.

The Marine Management Organisation will pass to the applicant a copy of any objection or representation we receive.