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News and Announcements

You can find all the latest news and announcements from the River Yealm Harbour Authority below.

Bridgend Lift Out

October 28th crane arrives at about 1200. HW 1657 5.19m

If you are bringing your boat to Bridgend the night before, please make sure there is space for us to work around your boat and that it is moored close to the quay, please put fenders out. The RYHA accepts no responsibility for boats left at Bridgend overnight.

If you are bringing your boat to Bridgend on the rising tide just before lifting, please await further instructions as you arrive. Please bring a tender with you to allow you to get ashore without having to use the main part of the quay where the lifting operation will be taking place.

A barrier will be put in place part way along the access road early morning on the 28th October. This means there will be severe limitations on parking availability. After this time only the crane driver, Shore Store riggers and RYHA staff/helpers will be allowed beyond it. Please make sure that before this time you have placed cradles and blocks on Bridgend quay in a manner that is clearly identifiable with the boat name.  

Before lifting, masts will be taken down. Before you leave your boat please slacken off rigging to aid the removal of the mast. If left overnight in this condition, please ensure that the rig is secure.

Fin keel boats will be lifted out at or around HW. Please ensure that you arrive in enough time to allow your mast to be removed. You may be asked to stand off until it is your turn. Bring a tender with you so that you can get off your boat without having to use the main part of the quay where the lifting operation will be taking place.

When craning activities have stopped you will be allowed onto the quay.


Mark Beighton

Harbour Master

Pontoon Maintenance

The pontoon at Yealm Steps will be closed from 11th November for maintenance. The date will also be notified in various publications and locations. Please ensure your tender is removed by the date.

Mark Beighton

Harbour Master

Great news, from the 4th July you will be able to visit the River Yealm and stay overnight.

In line with Government guidance we will allow visiting boat owners to stay overnight from the night of 4th/5th July. Before then you are welcome to visit on a day basis, but you will be asked to not stay overnight. 

From 1500 on the 4th we will be applying our summer tariff.

To comply with Government guidance, we ask that you read the information below which describes how we will operate and what is expected from anyone visiting the harbour in a boat. This will help reduce the potential risk of COVID 19 transmission during your stay.

  • To avoid handling cash, wherever possible we request payments are made by contactless card. If you have a good mobile signal it may be possible for you to pay by BACS, SMS or email.
  • If requested and available, the Harbour staff will direct you to a mooring to avoid rafting.
  • Use of the pontoons implies acceptance of rafting by all boats and social distancing will be observed.
  • Vessels who are entering the Yealm from a port outside of the UK are to make this known to the Harbour Staff.
  • Observe the Governments social distancing guidance whilst ashore to reduce your potential contact with others by avoiding or reducing your use of the pontoon, office, toilet, and showers.
  • If you need to use the shore facilities follow the signed instructions regarding the use of the walkways.
  • If the toilet or shower are occupied, stand aside to allow social distancing until they become available.
  • Although the Harbour has increased the frequency of cleaning the facilities, total cleanliness of the facilities cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, we request users of the toilets and showers to wipe down surfaces before and after use with the cleaning materials provided.
  • Please wash your hands regularly, especially after contact with other boats, surfaces, or mooring lines
  • If a member of your crew shows symptoms of COVID 19 you should isolate the crew and boat by moving to a mooring, if not already there and contact the NHS helpline (111), Government Testing service or emergency services and the Harbour Master
  • You may be asked to provide contact details for the Government’s Test and Trace scheme
  • The RNLI Lifejacket lockers have also been closed and are no longer available.
  • Anyone persistently breaking the Government guidance will be asked to leave.

If you ask for a Harbour Guide (2019) it will be given to you in a plastic bag along with a copy of this information and July tide tables. The contents have been quarantined for at least 72 hours. The plastic bag must be disinfected before handling without appropriate PPE. We hope to have the 2020 Harbour Guide soon.

Thank you, we appreciate your cooperation and hope you will enjoy your stay.

River Yealm Harbour Authority