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Mooring Applications

This is a summary of the main rules for moorings on the River Yealm. To view the related process flow charts, please click here.

To join the waiting list, you must be a permanent resident (not a holiday home or second home) in one of the riparian parishes; Newton Ferrers, Noss Mayo, Yealmpton, Wembury and Brixton (excluding the Sherford development). Proof of residency may be required.

The River Yealm has moorings in five main categories:

A. Class Moorings – Deep Water (at least 4ft at Low Water Springs).

B. Class Moorings – Shoal and Part Drying.

C. Class Moorings – Drying on the Spit and up to Kiln Quay.

D. Class Moorings – Drying above Kiln Quay.


There is a waiting list for all categories of mooring.

There is currently a fee to join the waiting list : £50 inc. VAT (all categories except for outhaul only applications). This is not a deposit and is not refundable if you leave the waiting list.

The current waiting time is around 3 years for a drying mooring and around 12 years for a deep-water mooring. The larger and deeper the vessel the longer the wait.

Only one mooring is allowed per applicant.

The moorings are personal and may not be passed to family members or sublet.

If a vessel is owned in partnership, all parties must meet the residency rules and the partnerships approved by the Harbour Authority.

The maximum boat length for a RYHA mooring is 45ft LOA.

Annual charges are levied on the moorings, and separate Harbour Dues charge is levied on every vessel dependent on length.


These are running moorings for small craft (up to 16ft, including any engine that may be fitted).

Outhauls from a private quay are the exception to the residency rules and these are normally passed from property vendor to purchaser subject to the approval of the Harbour Master. Owners will need to pay an annual Outhaul Licence Fee to the Harbour Office and Harbour Dues on the vessel.

Only one boat is allowed per outhaul.

Yealm Moorings

An option for people not meeting the residency requirements or looking for a mooring prior to getting a RYHA mooring are the Yealm moorings at the Kitley Estate which are privately owned by Rodney Bastard.

For further information contact Kevin Arscot:- email enquiries@yealmmoorings.co.uk tel. 01548 550192 or mob. 07816 313330. Website www.yealmmoorings.co.uk.

Summer Dinghy Parking on Bridgend Quay.

This is suitable for small craft up to 15ft and is allocated on a first come first served basis. Fees apply.

Winter Storage

Winter storage for yachts is available from November to March on a pontoon or mooring.

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