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Residents’ Mooring Fees and Harbour Dues

2020 Annual Charges

All charges exclude VAT at standard rate

Mooring Licence Fees

‘A’ Deep water £160

‘B’ Shoal and part drying £115

‘C’ Mud mooring between Spit and Kiln Quay £85

‘D’ Newton and Noss Creek above Kiln Quay £55

‘Outhaul’ £45

Harbour Dues

All craft up to 11ft LOA (including yacht tenders, £20

and miscellaneous small craft).

All craft over 11ft up to a max LOA of 45ft First 11ft £21

+ Each ft over 11 @ £5.25

Over 45ft at Harbour Master’s discretion

Craft kept on beaches (Canoes, Kayaks, Paddleboards) £10.50

Winter Season Berthing (Non resident craft)

On public moorings, trots, pontoons, beached or alongside £3.00/m per week LOA

Maintenance/ Scrubbing Berths

Laying alongside or beached for maintenance purposes within the £0.30p/ft per day

Harbour Authority areas on beaches or quays.

Free for 2 days provided Pre-booked

Bridgend drying berths per month (at HM discretion) £100

Bridgend Quay

Storage on Quay (Boats, Trailers, Cradles, etc.)

Summer season dinghy Boat Park May to Sep £55 (up to 15ft)

Winter season – laying ashore on Quay Oct to Apr (max 27’) £0.50 per ft per week (for 24 weeks)

Bridgend Quay Winter afloat £0.30 /ft/wk x 24 weeks


Towage by RYHA craft of any vessel within the harbour £35.00 for first hour or part

Towage beyond 1st hour £15.00 per additional half hour

Waste Disposal

Removal and disposal of derelict craft, equipment and mooring tackle At cost plus 10%

Resident Craft

Use of public moorings, pontoons £0.25 per ft LOA per week

Licence Discs

Replacement discs £5.00per disc

Foreshore contractors

Standard charge of £200 for use of foreshore up to six weeks. Short term use max. 10 days £10 per day.

Use of BE quay for loading unloading £25.

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