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Notes to the Residents’ Fees and Dues

Day Launch Fee

Following the proliferation of day launch visitors in 2020 and support from residents, the RYHA has used its powers under the Yealm Revision Order to introduced a charge for anyone, resident or visitor, launching and/or retrieving any vessel or craft, such as Paddleboards, Canoes and Kayaks (Peanut rowing boats are exempt) into the harbour (this includes launching and retrieving from private quays as well as public access points) north and east of a line passing north south through Misery point on a daily basis and taking it away from the harbour at night.

The charge is payable for the season from the 1st April through to 30th September each year. On the water and public launch sites checks will be made during the season.

Existing charges apply to vessels or craft left on the foreshore overnight.

All users of the harbour should obey the local Bye Laws, rules of the road and take adequate precautions to protect themselves and others from injury or damage to property. The payment of launch fees does not infer safety cover or negate the need for users to act safely.

Replacement stickers can be obtained from the Harbour Office free of charge if the old sticker is returned.

Further details, including safety information, can be found in our web site or from the Harbour Office.


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